If you use us as your Zimbabwe location fixer, we can unlock Zimbabwe locations that will provide amazing opportunities for your productions.

Despite all the challenges Zimbabwe has been through, it has always been open to business – and the friendliness of the people make Zimbabwe one of our favorite location destination.

But you need to know what you are doing – and Film Fixers has established a strong infrastructure and support network that has made us one the the chosen points of access to Zimbabwe for international crews.

Contact us for more information on Zimbabwe, as well as details on the required film visas and film permits.

Zimbabwe Location Film Fixers Sunset on the Zambezi Film Fixers Zimbabwe Location Beautiful rural Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Location Film Fixers Matobo Hills - Geological wonder Zimbabwe Harare Location Film Fixers Bustling Harare Zimbabwe Gonarezhou location Film Fixers Stunning Gonarezhou Vista Zimb abwe Zambezi location Film Fixers Bucket-list on the Zambezi Zimbabwe Nyanga location Film Fixers Beautiful Nyanga Highlands Victoria Falls Location Film Fixers Iconic Victoria Falls Zimbabwe Hwange Location Film Fixers Unforgettable, unbeatable Hwange Zimbabwe Greater Zimbabwe Location Film Fixers Ancient Greater Zimbabwe Mysteries Film Fixers Zimbabwe Location Save River in Gonarezhou
Access to Zimbabwe is quite straightforward – you fly. Either to Harare, Bulawayo or Victoria Falls – but air access remains the preferred option. There are road alternatives – depending on budget and content, but Beit Bridge or via Botswana end up being extremely time-consuming, which means money. New air access options from regional destinations and more low-cost carriers accessing Zimbabwe make it a fairly straightforward choice.

Transport within Zimbabwe is expensive if you use the formal sector. Film Fixers has established relationships that makes access to vehicles and drivers extremely cost-effective by comparison. Whilst the era of continuous roadblocks is rapidly dwindling, it is still advisable to have a driver on-board. The road network is adequate but deteriorating. which means that it does take time commuting short OR long distances, although there is serious effort being put into upgrading infrastructure.

Although Zimbabwe’s economy is US Dollar-based, the country is full of entrepreneurial enterprise. Whilst the US currency and the Zimbabwe Bond currency have the same face value, deals are to be had – and having the right strategic partners makes Zimbabwe VERY cost-effective. Food/groceries are on a par with South Africa, although fuel and other commodities are a little more costly. Transport on face value is expensive, but there are really good options if you know the right people – everything is negotiable! The same applies to accommodation – the Dollar-based tourism economy thrives, but there are options for really affordable accommodation for crews of all sizes.
Film Fixers have two relationships that make Zimbabwe far more accessible from an equipment perspective. The first is a partnership that has more than halve the cost of the temporary importation of equipment – which makes it possible to bring in your own equipmwnt without breaking the bank as it used to be. The secons is a strategic partnership with an equipment house in Zimbabwe which provides seamless access to good quality video and audio equipment – and crew if need be. Do not expect Red or Alexa, but good 4k with good lenses is possible.

In addition, or relationship with South African equipment houses allows us to take equipment into Zimbabwe fully insured.

Zimbawe provides some world-class locations for production crews. From the world-renowned Victoria Falls and Greater Zimbabwe through to the hidden treasures of places like Matobo, Hwange,  Nyanga and Gonarezhou, there are a multitude of options available.

The lesser-travelled Zambezi Valley is without question one of the bigger wildlife magnets in the world, and if you are looking for easy access to typical Africa, Zimbabwe dishes it up in both the rural sense, as well as the urban hustle and bustle of the bigger centres of Harare, Bulawayo, Victoria Falls and the like, where you will experience entrepreneurial enterprise in action.

Victoria Falls – enough said – no matter how many visits, or what the water levels are, it never fails to surprise and astound.

Hwange – without a doubt one of the bucket-list destinations if you are looking for real African bush and wildlife, and very accessible.

Urban Vibe – visit Harare for a real African city with beautiful buildings, textures and contrasts – and amazing people eking out a living. And Bulawayo is amazing, with the permanent ‘informal’ market in the centre – and warm, friendly Matabeleland hospitality amidst grand colonial architecture.

Greater Zimbabwe – awesome insights into the history on man, and a perspective of the inter-connectivity between ancient communities across Africa.

Highlands – the Zimbabwe highlands – with Nyanga at the epicentre – are truly beautiful. Although a little run-down, the beauty is unaffected .

Gonarezhou – truly wild Africa – somewhere to get lost (and you will) with breathtaking scenery and fauna

Matobo Hills – whether you like or hate the Rhodes influence in Africa, soak up the geological marvel of Matobo Hills. really beautiful.

Zambezi Valley – the winding Zambezi as it exits Lake Kariba is spectacular, and teeming with wildlife – perfect location material.

Lake Kariba – harking back to an old era of grand houseboats on a massive lake, providing incredible production material – but also excellent for fishing.


Film Fixers has established strategic relationships and partnerships to make locations accessible.

In  the case of Zimbabwe, we have built relationships at point of entry that have more than halved the cost of equipment importation – no-one can even vaguely match us in this regard.

The same applies to accommodation, equipment and vehicle hire, where we have looked for partnerships who will make your lives easier.

If you are looking for a Zimbabwe locaiton scout, contact us, We are the go-to team for Zimbabwe – we are not an expense, we are a budget-saver!


  • Relatively easy access
  • Affordable – and negotiable
  • Built good relationship with Customs
  • Diverse locations
  • Friendly and open