Years of Television Production
Hours of content created
Kilometres travelled
Years of supporting international crews
  • 16 years of television production –  it is reasonably safe to assume that we understand the process of pre-production, location scouting and management, logistics – and the blood, sweat and tears (and joy) it takes to  get the final product. We have also built a track-record for engagement at all levels of society – business, government and the people. This means we have developed the relationships needed to be your guiding light in Southern Africa. We know how it works.
  • Over 9 200 hours of edited and broadcasted content under our belts. We know and understand the nature of your business, from the creative process, to managing (and guarding) budgets. And we add value to it.
  • 735 000 km crisscrossing Southern Africa over the last 14 years. Want the Skeleton Coast in Namibia, a forest in Lekgalameetse, or a waterfall somewhere between – we can find you the right location – with alternatives. Safe to say that if it exists, we either know about it – or know who knows about it.
  • 10 years of actively working with and supporting international TV and stills crews. We have experience in one-off documentaries, entire adventure reality series, fashion shoots,  television commercials and documentaries. We relish the challenges thrown at us, and we understand and respect our clients. If it is important for you – it is even more important for us.


  • Film Fixers provides comprehensive local production services and expertise to local and international film/TV crews.
  • Our services include sorting out film visas and film permits, fixing, location scouting and management, local production (line production), accommodation and travel logistics, equipment and crew hire and research support.
  • Over the past 14 years, we have perfected our skills in television production and location scouting that has made us highly sought-after as a Production Fixer and Local Producer by International television, film and magazine crews.
  • Our understanding of film and television production, TV commercials and fashion shoots are a result of decades in the advertising industry, followed by 8 unbroken years of television production. This not only taught us the ropes, but also took us to every corner of Southern Africa.
  • We have worked with a number of international companies (including Endemol, Warner Brothers, BBC, TALPA, National Geographic, and CNBC Africa etc.) and have expanded in to the rest of Africa including Ethiopia, Botswana, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland, Uganda and Kenya.
  • If you are looking for a local producer who specialises as a film fixer, production fixer, location scout and management partner who will understand and add value to your TV, film or stills production, from planning and pre-production to post production, contact us!
  • We are good at what we do, and we will deliver above and beyond your expectations.




Local Production, location scouting, logistics, team management

Rodney heads up local production, with a strong team managing all the elements. Coming from an advertising background, Rodney has produced television content for 12 years, with an intimate understanding of the process.

Rod has an unsurpassed knowledge of the hidden treasures of South Africa and Africa at large, and as a result, has also partnered government and industry in tourism development initiatives.

Rodney has his PDP licence and is a qualified level 3 First Aider.



Location scouting and management, pre-production, logistics.

That’s Mike there, in the centre of your pic, doing what he does best – managing locations. We zoomed in on him so you could see for yourself his calmness, while all around him is frantic.

Mike has been involved in television production for nearly a decade, with impeccable people management skills – and is also well-connected in the adventure and tourism sectors, making him a valuable partner.


Sets and Props

Set Building, Props

Johann has been involved in building props and sets for us for over six years – working independently or with international crews. Johann is an invaluable go-to person who gets the job done, regardless of the complexity or time constraint.

Johann is also a qualified ropes instructor, and takes the lead in commissioning and overseeing technical requirements of this nature.


Sets, Props & Stunts

Set Building, Props, Stunts

Jakes is an international whitewater paddler, who has shifted his focus to commercialising his adventure expertise. Jakes runs an Adventure Centre in the Drakensberg, building all his own props and MTB trails by hand – so he knows a thing or two.

Jakes takes control of sets and props, and also runs all our stunts (also a qualified ropes instructor) and waterborne filming.



Operations, Pre-production, Logistics

Don’t be fooled by the pic. Nikki is the engine-room of the operation, running the logistics, dealing with suppliers, establishments, equipment suppliers, vehicle rentals – and makes sure things happen the way that they should, which is quite a feat in South Africa!

Nikki comes from an eventing and staging background, so this is 2nd nature to her – and making sure that deadlines are met is non-negotiable.

Nikki has her PDP licence and is a qualified level 3 First Aider.



Transport, Driver Co-ordinator

Patrick has spend the last 12 years driving. Not just cars – big rigs, trucks, buses – he has a DGP (Dangerous Goods Permit) under his belt as well as a PDP (Professional Drivers Permit), with qualifications in advanced driving for light and heavy vehicles – so you are in safe hands.

And over this time, he has gotten to know his way around South Africa as well. And with a certificate in Customer Relations, he is friendly as well.  Patrick co-ordinates our transport logistics, as well as manages our pool of drivers.



Runner, Gaffer, Crane Assistant

James is learning the ropes – and he is on a mission. Whether it is assisting the lighting guys, packing and keeping trucks tidy, making sure there is coffee and snacks on hand – or cleaning up a site after shooting, James is our go-to guy.

Has also cut his teeth assembling and disassembling cranes, and lugging the weights around. Always a smile, and nothing is too much trouble.