eSwatini or previously known as Swaziland is a premium location for your film production. This landlocked country is one of the worlds last remaining absolute monarchies. Its northeastern border is with Mozambique and the rest of the country is bordered by South Africa. Although small and relatively unknown, this country packs a big punch and shouldn’t be overlooked as a location for your TV or film production.

If you are looking for a film production location that is rich in traditional African culture and scenically out of this world then this location is just the one for your production! Contact us if you would like to scout eSwatini for your next TV or film production.

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The new King Mswati III International Airport has made Eswatini far more accessible for regional and international airlines – which should pave the way for increased volumes. Alternatively, Eswatini is accessible by road through a number of border posts with South Africa and Mozambique – with most being services by good roads.


There are also a number of good, reliable shuttles that service the route from Eswatini to Johannesburg, making for seamless access from the regional hub.


Eswatini is services by a fairly good road network – both tar and good dirt roads – and most reputable car rental companies are either represented in the country, or allow for seamless access from South Africa.


Eswatini’s currency is twinned with the South African Rand, and as a result is a very affordable location and destination. And whilst the hospitality industry is not as well represented as its neighbor, Eswatini has enough accommodation product to provide good choices in most locations.

This incredible country is a production team and location dream! eSwatini has so much to offer film and production crews from giant mountain ranges through to beautiful Savannah, outstanding wildlife opportunities, fascinating history, warm and friendly people and incredible National Parks. Whats more is it boasts a nation of welcoming and incredibly hospitable people, many of whom still practice and are extremely proud of their age old cultural traditions.
Bring in your equipment – Eswatini is part of the ACU (African Customs Union) and works with the ATA Carnet system. This means that bringing your equipment in and out of South Africa is seamless – and that moving equipment between members of the ACU (South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho etc.) is equally painless.

Hiring equipment – there is very little production equipment available in Eswatini, but South Africa (with Johannesburg less than 3 hours away) has a very well developed industry to service any Eswatini productions. Film Fixers has relationships with most major equipment hire companies in South Africa, so accessing equipment is relatively simple – including top-end cameras and lenses. Pricing is relatively competitive – something we monitor and manage on your behalf – and is more than offset by the savings incurred through overweight baggage, insurance etc.

climate depends on your location – so while the Lowland areas tend to feel subtropical -the highlands are very similar to the South African Highveld climate- with dry, cool winters and hot summers with afternoon thundershowers. Summer in Eswatini is from October to March, with the hotter lowlad region reaching up to 42°C.
Cultural Immersion – renowned for the incredible cultural heritage that still prevails – with ceremonies like the Reed Festival a big attraction.

Wildlife/Safari– despite being compact, the climate lends itself to a really good wildlife experience, with mountains, savanna and luxury lodge options to suit all requirements – and budgets. Big Game Parks is the dominant player in this respect.

Mbabane – a real African city with textures and contrasts – lending itself to crews looking for those kind of location options.

Mountains and Wilderness – Eswatini has some breathtaking vistas with incredible landscapes and mountains.


Film Fixers has spent over 16 years producing content in Southern Africa, including Swaziland – which is a favourite destination of ours. From travel, adventure and reality to documentaries and still shoots, Eswatini has the locations to deliver – and surprise.  And when it comes to locations in Eswatini, there are very few Fixers who can match our level of knowledge and relationships, or our depth of experience and skills.


  • Relatively easy access
  • Very affordable
  • Seamless Customs experience
  • Easy Visa and Permit System
  • Diverse location options