Lesotho is a rugged, mountainous Kingdom land-locked by South Africa, and a hidden jewel in Africa’s crown. About the size of Wales, the Kingdom in the Sky is the only country in the world to be entirely above 1 000m in elevation, and it has the highest lowest point in the entire world at 1 400m. Lesotho is also only 4 hours from Johannesburg by road and just over an hour by air, as a result, Lesotho is very accessible.

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Mohale Dam Lesotho Film Fixers TV Production Location scout The Khatse Dam, Lesotho Tugela Falls location TV production Film Fixers Tugela Falls, lesotho Film Fixers TV production location scout Afriski Lesotho Afriski, Lesotho Film Fixers TV Producers Location Scout Lesotho Mountains and valleys of Lesotho Maseru location scout Fil Fixers TV Production Maseru, Lesotho


Lesotho is so easily accessed by air and road from South Africa.

There are at least 3 flights daily from Oliver Tambo International airport in Johannesburg to Moshoeshoe International airport. The flights are quick – an hour and 15 minutes will see you safely in this beautiful land locked wilderness country of Lesotho.

Lesotho has 11 border posts offering entry from South Africa, so it is not surprising that the majority of visitors arrive in Lesotho by road. Some border posts are larger than others, and its generally these larger ones that are equipped to accept trucks carrying camera, lighting, and sound gear and handle all the official Customs control paperwork. The average drive from Johannesburg to Lesotho is about 4 hours by car. Crew busses and vehicles will obviously take longer.


The currency in Lesotho is the Maloti. One loti (M1.00) is equivalent to one South African rand. With the SA/Dollar and SA/EURO echange rate as your guide, it’s a simple case of arithmetic. Lesotho is incredibly affordable

Yes, it snows in the highland areas of Lesotho in the winter months (June to August) and it gets freezing cold! Lesotho has her own ski resort which is frequented by international tourists looking for (their) out of season snow, as well as South Africans and locals .

Summers (December to February) are long, hot and rainy.

There are no limits to the variety of locations Lesotho has to offer. Wild, rugged natural mountainous terrain, and colourful, rich local culture and traditions are your only props in this playground for your next production.

Walking, hiking, snow skiing, horse back riding, waterfalls, mountains, bike tracks, isolated thatched villages set against wide open spaces. It’s all in easy reach.

In most cases, filming permissions are managed through relationships at governmental level – with a government only too keen to welcome exposure for the mountain kingdom.


Lesotho offers easy access, great weather for 300 of the 365 days of the year, very cost effective budgets and certainly welcoming as a location.

If you are looking for a Lesotho location fixer, Film Fixers can add incredible value to your production. Film Fixers has produced and assisted productions in all areas in Lesotho. We have an impressive knowledge of Lesotho locations, and we would love to share them with you.


  • Easy access
  • Very affordable
  • Seamless Customs experience
  • Easy Visa and Permit System
  • Diverse location options