As a location Uganda is famous for its unique beauty, lush green scenery and beautiful weather.

Home to the 2nd biggest lake in the world (Lake Victoria), the longest river in the world (the Nile River) and the world-renowned gorilla and chimpanzee experiences in the many National Parks, the location Uganda is fast becoming a favoured destination for film and documentary-makers.

As a Uganda Fixer, Film Fixers has not only the knowledge and experience necessary to make your production a success, but also an established network of service providers to make the experience as seamless as possible.

Contact us for more information on Uganda, as well as details on the required film visas and film permits.

Uganda Fixer Uganda Location Murchison Falls Nile River Uganda Fixer Uganda Location Kampala old and new Uganda Fixer Uganda Location Uganda'a famous tree-climbing lions Uganda Fixer Uganda Location Lake Victoria - reservoir of the Nile Uganda Location Uganda Fixer Wildlife abounds in Uganda Fixer Uganda Location Uganda Watersports on the Nile Uganda Fixer Uganda Location Chimpanzees in Kibale National Park Uganda Fixer Uganda Location Uganda lies on the Equator Uganda Fixer Uganda Location Rwenzori Mountains Uganda Fixer Uganda Location Uganda's famous Gorillas
Uganda is a land of lakes and mountains. Lake Victoria – the source of the Nile – is massive and a location in itself, with beautiful islands and beach locations that will rival any seaside destination. Tourists flock to the islands to enjoy the calm waters and the beautiful sand, which you can only find in Uganda.

The south-western part of the country is realy rough terrain, with the dominant Rwenzori Mountain Range. All of this ultimately makes this landlocked country a key location for film productions – the raw, exotic scenery, with raw beauty and exotic scenery attracting Hollywood from as far back as 1931 (Trader Horn). And the abundance of animals – including the iconic chimps and gorillas – compete with anything that Africa has to offer in the more ‘safari’ destinations like Kenya and Tanzania, at a far mor affordable cost.

The Nile is also a film magnet – with the numerous waterfalls (Murchison being the most renowned) – and the watersports on offer (white water rafting, kayaking and even surfing – as well as fishing for the massive world-famous Nile Perch).

Apart from the spectacular landscape, Uganda’s rich history and old architectural buildings reminiscent of the post-colonial era has also played a huge role in making it a great country to scout film locations – not only in Kampala itself, but also other centres like Mbale, Jinja, Tororo and Kumi. Kampala, the central business district, is also renowned and used to show semi urban Africa in a raw light. These are the same scenes you’ll find in Lagos in Nigeria, Johannesburg in South Africa or downtown Nairobi in Kenya.

As with most countries, filming in any of Uganda’s National Parks requires you to obtain filming permits from Uganda Wildlife Authority – but as your Uganda Fixer, Film Fixers takes care of that as well as all visas and permits required.

Uganda’s locations provide that rare mix of raw Africa and luxury and grandeur all in one setting. If you are looking for Africa with a difference, try Uganda.

Although access to Uganda – primarily via Entebbe Airport outside Kampala – is quite seamless, it must always be remembered that Uganda is a developing economy (the fastest in Africa). Having emerged from decades of civil strife, there is a strong emphasis on infrastructure development – so there are challenges to be met in this regard. Despite this, there is a reasonable and acceptable road network – specifically connecting the major centres – and even the lesser (dirt) roads are passable, although it does take time to get from location to location.

Vehicle hire – over and above the costly airport car rentals – is quite affordable – anything from people-carriers to 4×4 vehicles, and generally includes a local driver (which is advisable). Film Fixers has relationships with partners in Uganda that provide extremely good options and rates.

Internal air access is limited to  the major centres, although there is a surprisingly affordable charter industry which we (Film Fixers) have used on occasion) as well as other enterprising air options (we have even hitched rides with NGO flights!).

Uganda has very similar customs procedures to Zimbabwe – they do NOT work with the ATA CArnet system, and all equipment coming into Uganda is subject to a temporary import permission process. This will require advance application – with equipment type, description, serial number and value. We use reliable clearing agents who will manage all the paperwork and clearance process – subject, obviously, to a fee that is generally calculated based on the value of the equipment. On exit from Uganda, there is an export process to ensure that all the equipment is accounted for. Film Fixers will manage this entire process for you – it is not complicated, but it is time-consuming.


Uganda does not have any specialised equipment for rental in the country – so make sure you bring all your own equipment. Alternatively, Film Fixers can source from South Africa through our equipment rental partners.

Located on the Equator, Uganda is obviously going to have a warm, tropical feel. It is, however, a mountainous country (Mount Elgon, for example, is often covered in snow), so temperatures do not get too high – with an average of 25-30 degrees experienced. Hottest months are in the middle of Summer (December to February/March) and the big rain seasons are just before (September to November) and just after(March to May). This is important because heavy rainfalls make most of the dirt road infrastructure impassable.
Uganda is very affordable – from hotel accommodation to vehicle hire, to food and fuel, the country is very kind to your budgets.
Lake Victoria – 2nd-largest lake in the world – and the deepest – with wonderful beaches.

Rwenzori Mountain Range – arguably the top hiking destination on the continent, with three of the Africa’s five highest peaks.

Nile River – with the amazing scenery and watersport activities

Murchison Falls – on the Nile but a wonder in itself.

Gorillas and Chimps – this is the home of the gorilla and chimp experiences.

Queen Elizabeth National Park – a spectacular reserve – and home to the weird tree-climbing lions!

Kampala – tough, gritty Africa rivalling Nairobi and Johannesburg

Wildlife – do not presume to have seen the best in Africa until you visit Uganda.

Rural Uganda – stop and chat to the people of Uganda – you will love the country AND the people


Uganda offers a very raw but accessible Africa  – think Murchison Falls, Rwenzori Mountains and Lake Victoria to start with. There are just so many diverse locations

Uganda is simply beautiful, but there are small challenges of shooting in Uganda (primarily infrastructure). if you select Film Fixers as your Uganda location fixers, we will make sure that these challenges are not your problem.


  • Good access
  • Very affordable
  • Manageable Customs experience
  • Incredible locations
  • Good Visa and Permit system