Known as the land of a thousand hills, Rwanda is one of the smallest countries on the African continent. Due to its turbulent history,Rwanda is unfortunately often overlooked as a production location option, but that would be huge mistake! The days of war are happily long behind this incredible country and today this gem of a location is known for being one of the safest countries in Africa to visit. This small country is a perfect location for filming with its easy access, low-cost local production costs and incredible diversity of shoot options.

Think Rwanda production, think Gorilla trekking, unbelievable volcanoes, spectacular national parks, beautiful clean cities, lush green vegetation, a major agricultural sector, wonderful music & dance, a strong sports ethic, wonderful and warm people and fantastic festivals.

Film Fixers is your perfect partner if you are looking for a Rwandan fixer. With our knowledge and familiarity, you can count on us to assist with access to top locations as well as some of the lesser known and unique hidden gems this fascinating country has to offer. We will provide you with full production support throughout your filming to ensure that you get the shots that you need.

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Kigali international airport is the main hub of international travel in and out of Rwanda, however there is also Kamembe international airport in the South West of the country. Scheduled flights fly regularly within Africa, Asia, Europe, the USA and the Middle East.

The Rwanda government is continuously investing in roads, water transport and rail transport.  Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda, is a rapidly developing modern city with good road links with the rest of the country.

Rwanda offers up a host of diverse locations for your shoots. Beyond the obvious wildlife locations in the 4 various national parks, Rwanda has tea and coffee plantations, and absolutely breathtaking scenery, and cultural and heritage-rich backdrop opportunities for your productions.

Rwanda is committed to working sustainably in a clean, green environment to protect not only the iconic wildlife through responsible tourism, but to ensure that the Rwandan communities (with an emphasis on women) get to benefit from above fair-trade minimums and organic tea and coffee.

Bring in your equipment – Rwanda currently does not have a large selection of film equipment, so it makes sense to bring in your equipment on a temporary import permit, which is a relatively inexpensive process. FilmFixers will help you through this process, so you just need to focus on the production!

Hiring equipment – We have relationships with most major equipment hire companies in South Africa, so accessing equipment and getting it across the border into and out of Rwanda is relatively simple. Pricing is relatively competitive – something we monitor and manage on your behalf – and is more than offset by the savings incurred through overweight baggage, insurance etc.

There are essentially two rainy seasons in Rwanda. The first rains are from January to April and the second rains from October to mid-December. In between the two rainy seasons is a short dry season (but expect some rainfall then too, particularly in the North East where the rainforest is!).

The tropical climate in Rwanda is what makes it a dream location option for your film shoot.

Volcanoes National Park Six extinct and 3 active volcanoes, a crater lake, bamboo forest, rain forest, grasslands, swamps and home of the endangered mountain gorilla and the rare golden monkey as well as the  62 million year old Musanze Caves, and Diane Fossey’s grave. There is plenty production value here, and FilmFixers will help you sort out all the necessary permits and permissions.

Kigali Memorial Centre Genocide Memorial – Built on a mass gravesite in Kigali where over 250 000 people are buried, the Kigali Genocide Memorial is an important place of remembrance and learning about the Genocide against the Tutsi in particular, and it looks too at the history of genocidal violence across the world.  There is great opportunity to meet with the outreach workers who interact with the many Rwanda communities through storytelling. Talking with some survivors would be harrowing, but incredible material for a very insightful and poignant story on reconciliation and human survival. Filmfixers will help to put you in touch with the storytellers and the survivors.

Lake Kivu – Looking for old colonial mansions or vibey cocktail bars in what looks like a beach resort setting? You will find exactly that in Rubavu (also known as Gisenyi), on the northern edge of Lake Kivu. Need an authentic shot of  local fishermen singing as they paddle there way home after a successful day’s fishing? Need Pine or Eucalyptus forests? You will find both at Karongi, which is about midway along the lake. Just needing some cycling and kayaking action shots? All to be found on this gorgeous lake, the 6th largest in Africa covering a surface area of 2700km2.

Akagera National Park – This is the location you need if you are wanting a typical “Out of Africa” savanna location with black rhino and lion recently introduced behind a predator-proof fence which has reduced the wildlife-human conflict that once prevailed just after the Tutsi genocide when the survivors, battling for survival, hunted for food, replaced the park’s wildlife with cattle,  and emptied the forests. Today, there are lodges and bush camps for the many tourists who visit the park.

Nyungwe Forest National Park in southwest Rwanda. Spectacular mountain rainforest, home to chimpanzees, colobus monkeys and much more. Amazing Canopy Walkway on the Igishigishigi Trail looking out over the valley and surrounding forests.


Film Fixers has spent over 16 years producing content in Africa, from travel, adventure and reality to documentaries and still shoots.  When it comes to locations in Africa, there are very few who can match our level of knowledge and relationships, and when it comes to assisting television crews, there are very few South African Fixers who can match our depth of experience and skills. Chat to us at FilmFixers!


  • Easy access
  • Very affordable
  • Seamless Customs experience
  • Easy Visa and Permit System
  • Diverse location options