Looking for a Mozambique location fixer and scout? we have you covered! Mozambique is an Africa location that is a beach and a bush heaven. Imagine mile after mile of idyllic palm lined white sandy beaches looking out over crystal blue seas. Unbelievable marine biodiversity with tropical fish in every colour you can imagine, giant manta rays, whale sharks, dolphins, nesting turtles, dugongs, the list is endless. Then when you’re finished shooting the idyllic beach scenes, a short drive takes you to the deep into the heart of the African bush, big 5 safaris in beautiful savannah and wilderness areas. And then there is the architecture.

From the Portuguese colonial architecture that Mozambique is renowned for, the bustle of Maputo with ageing reminders of a bygone era, to quaint, quiet fishing villages. Mozambique is a country of contrasts, but contrasts which complement each other perfectly to create a country location like no other for film production.

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Primary access to Mozambique is via flights into Maputo, Vilankulo, Beira and other smaller airports – primarily from South Africa – and via road from South Africa and Zimbabwe to the West and South. The main roads are in average condition, getting worse once you leave Maputo, and you need to bear in mind the VAST distances that need to be travelled. It is not the safest country to travel by road – particularly as a foreigner – where you are subjected to ‘local law’ and attempted bribery, so it is always advisable to travel with a local person.

It is always advisable to use a 4×4 – or at least a vehicle with good clearance.


Mozambique is a contradiction – whilst the tourism industry has a US Dollar-based economy, which can become costly, most of Mozambique is a lot more affordable. And it is all subject to negotiation. We have a really good understanding of the Mozambique location challenges, and a good relationship with key decision-makers in the country.

Mozambique is a massive country – with well over 2000 km of coastline as it snakes up the African East Coast. So it stands to reason that within this vast country you will find a diversity of production locations to meet your needs. Whilst beaches dominate, Mozambique offers incredible bushveld and wildlife options as well, and giant forest reserves that are relatively untouched. Add to this the cultural diversity, and the colonial Portuguese history (and architecture), and Mozambique presents a compelling argument as a location option. Film Fixers has been as a production fixer in Mozambique for a number of projects and have a very good understanding of the country – from a topographic and political perspective – and we can assist and add value to your Mozambique production.
Bring in your equipment – Mozambique has very little to offer in terms of equipment rentals. Mozambique also do not operate on the ATA  Carnet system, which means that you will require temporary import permits to bring equipment into Mozambique. It is a fairly complex – and manual – process which also involves a lot of negotiation. We know our way around the system and can take that headache away from you, and have good ground support to ensure that things move through the system – communication is less than optimal, so it is vital.
Mozambique – being on the East coast – has a typical tropical climate with warmer, more humid temperatures. So there are essentially two key seasons – a hot, humid (but wet) season from the end of September to March (the north-west monsoon in the center and north with humid winds from the Democratic Republic of Congo) with enough heat and humidity for the formation of thunderclouds – although these rains are less intense than in the center-north, and a dry, cooler season in the middle of the year (March to September) – where the south-east trade winds bring pleasant and sunny weather with cool air masses coming from South Africa.
Maputo – a salute to a bygone era, the ageing city of Mozambique offers the mixture of Africa and colonial Portuguese. Not always pretty, but graphic and beautiful.

Bazaruto Archipelago – a cluster of islands off the Mozambique coast within the Bazaruto National Park – some derelict and abandoned, some developed and thriving. All beautiful!

Inhambane and Vilankulo – Beach Central, for the best diving and surfing locations. This is Mozambique’s top tourism region, with tropical climate and inviting beaches.

Beira – home of the ship graveyard. Hard to get to, but that wilderness is appealing in itself. Beautiful beaches and islands off the coast complement this Mozambique location.

Maputo Elephant Reserve – lying just south of the capital of Mozambique, the Maputo Elephant Reserve is a large, unspoilt reserve of around 70 000 hectares just begging to be explored. Features a plethora of inland lakes, floodplains, mangrove swamps, woodlands and forested dunes sweeping down to unspoilt beaches.

Abandoned Islands – as locations go, the islands like Santa Carolina are very appealing with coral reefs, dugongs and endless white beaches – and abandoned hotels if you are lucky!


Film Fixers is your perfect partner if you are looking for a Mozambique fixer. With our knowledge and familiarity, you can count on us to assist with access to top locations as well as some of the lesser known and unique hidden gems this fascinating country has to offer. We will provide you with full production support throughout your filming to ensure that you get the shots that you need.


  • Amazing tropical weather
  • Incredible beaches
  • Ageless colonial architecture
  • Relatively affordable
  • Diverse location options