Lesotho film visas and film permits are managed through relationships at governmental level – with a government only too keen to welcome exposure for the mountain kingdom.

Lesotho provides the ideal location for your production if you are looking for wild, untouched wilderness.

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Lesotho Film Visa

In terms of Lesotho film visas and film permits, the Lesotho Tourism Development Council requires to be notified in writing of the nature of the production, its scope and duration. We will help you make this happen, so contact us to help you with the paperwork.


Lesotho Customs and Equipment

If you are going into Lesotho from South Africa, the process is a simple one. You are required to submit a document detailing each piece of equipment, its value and serial numbers. Similar to the ATA Carnet document. VAT is paid to the Lesotho Revenue Authority and refundable when you exit Lesotho.

If you are planning on bringing equipment into Lesotho from anywhere else, the formal ATA Carnet process must be followed.

Film Fixers have established relationships at most points of entry that manage the situation where both parties benefit.

Specialised gear (camera, sound and lighting) is not available for hire in Lesotho. Luckily, neighbouring South Africa has a number of gear hire places to select from. Film Fixers has a great relationship with these companies and will happily help you secure your equipment through them.



Lesotho Drone Permit

Getting a drone permit in Lesotho is significantly easier than her African counterparts. We have the know-how to make sure that you comply, so contact us for more information.