So what makes Filmfixers so different??

Quite simply, we know what we are doing. Our expertise, network and great knowledge of this African continent are exactly what you need to make your shoot work.

From research to production; from film permits and film visas to location scouting. We become an integral part of your team. We fight to optimise your budget and we work only with reliable and trusted suppliers.

FilmFixers offers a turnkey solution and will partner with you every step of the way.

And that is borne out by EVERY client we have worked with.

Passion is our key differentiator. We are passionate about what we do, but we are even more passionate about what you want to do, and how we can make it happen better than you expected. Because even if we had all the skills and expertise in the world, it would not make any difference if there was no passion.
We have been in the business of television production for over 14 years now, so we know what we are doing, and we can add value to what you want to do.
In the course of those 14 years, we have traveled the length and breadth of Southern Africa, and immersed ourselves in her beauty, people and culture. We LIVE South Africa, and want to show her to you. So whatever you want, we know where to find it.
We are not the biggest, but we are the best. Because you choose US, you get US. Not an employee, you get US. And we like to keep it that way, because that is the only way we can deliver on our commitments. This does not affect our ability to deliver – conversely, it enables us to provide a professional, personalised service for a budget that does not include the overheads of a bigger company.
We do not clock-watch, or charge overtime. We work as long as it takes to get the job done, because we understand that your challenges and requirements do not keep office hours – so neither do we.

It is the same reason why we use our own in-s0urced drivers. It means we can control the quality, as well as manage costs.

And we have a coffee machine…..