Looking for an Ethiopian location fixer? Ethiopia locations provide diverse and contrasting options to production crews. Contrary to popular belief, Ethiopia is not ravaged by famine. Whilst there are certain areas of Ethiopia that are incredibly barren and get unbelievably hot – and famine is a regular problem – the bulk of the country is actually incredibly lush and mountainous.

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Ethiopia Access

Getting to Ethiopia is easy – Ethiopia Airlines is a success story, and has established a vibrant hub at Bole Airport in Addis Ababa. This hub services most of Europe and the African continent.

Ethiopia also has a good, fairly affordable domestic flight operation, with most bigger towns accessible. And these bigger towns are sufficient to support crews in terms of accommodation and vehicles

There are vehicle hire and logistics companies which are not too cheap – and it is advisable to use a local driver anyway. We have built a network in Ethiopia which makes access to vehicles and drivers far more affordable – regardless of your needs (buses to 4×4 vehicles). Whilst the road infrastructure in Ethiopia is quite good, it is also mountainous and, together with the speed limits, mean that it takes a long time to travel between locations.

One important factor to bear in mind – logistically as well as budgetary – is that is it often compulsory to take local police with you on location – depending on where you are shooting. In the case of a region like Afar, you are required to have as many as 4 police with you. They do not cost a lot, but add to any accommodation and food bill.

Ethiopia is very affordable – from hotels to restaurants, you can expect really good value. Once you move away from the urban into the rural, you will sometimes use very informal accommodation – and sometimes have to take a chef and catering supplies with you. We do this often, so have the network to facilitate this. Ironically this makes the trip more affordable.
There is NOTHING average in Ethiopia – it is all vast – massive – and mind-blowing, making it a DOP’s dream. This is the land of the hottest place on earth, of active volcanoes, of the birth of coffee, the deepest lake – as well as the arid salt flats 130m below sea level, of churches carved out of rock, of diverse cultures and religions all living in harmony. And the ONLY country in Africa not colonised. Ethiopia is without question a stand-out destination and location in Africa.
Being close to the Equator, Ethiopia does not register massive temperature swings, although there are defined rainfall periods. It does differ vastly from a regional perspective, though, with altitude defining 3 climate zones :

The Tropical Zone (or Kolla) is under 1800 metres with minimal rainfall (around 50cm a year) and high temperatures – around 25-30 degrees Celcius. Part of this is the Danakil Depression in the Afar region, which is 130m below sea level, with temperatures soaring over 57 degrees at times – it is the hottest inhabited place on earth.

Sub-tropical Zone (or Woina dega) from 1800 metres to 2500 metres with lower temperatures (around 20-25 degrees0 and more rain (up to 1500mm)

Cool Zone (or Dega) is over 2500m, with lower temperatures (average 15-18 degrees, and around 1300mm rainfall.

Rainfall is generally in Summer (June to August).Spring is from March to May, Autumn from September to November, and Winter from December to February.

Lalibela  – the amazing Lalibela churches carved out of rock are a bucket-list destination. The practice began in the 12th century, and the area is nor a World heritage Site

Simien Mountains – The Simien Mountains are probably one of Africa’s best-kept secrets. vast and beautiful, they are the product of centuries of volcanic activity, and a must-do destination.

Danakil Depression – this north-eastern pocket of Ethiopia is probably the most astounding location on the planet. Besides the active Erta Ale volcano (below), it is home to the incredible, colourful Dalol lakes and formations and the vast salt flats. Oh, and it is the hottest place on earth.

Erta Ale – the trip to the active Erta Ale volcano is probably as good as the actual location – packing and trekking up the mountain with camels is very special.

Coffee – Ethiopia is the undisputed home of coffee – this is where it all came from, and the coffee ceremony is akin to a religious rite anywhere in the country. Do yourself a favour – if you love coffee, immerse yourself in these rituals whilst there.

Cuisine  – Injere (Ethiopian flatbread) aside, the flavours of Ethiopian food are delicious, and world renowned. Try an find some authentic Ethiopian restaurants, and try it for yourself.

Axum – Axum is Ethiopia’s oldest city. It is an incredible cultural immersion – with palaces and churches that once belonged to the Queen of Sheba.


Film Fixers has spent over 16 years producing content in Africa, from travel, adventure and reality to documentaries and still shoots.

We have built up a network in Ethiopia that allows us to take our experience and apply it in ANY country in Africa. We have managed many productions in Ethiopia and cannot sing its praises loud enough.

There are bureaucratic challenges, but nothing that should put you off. Ethiopia is a DOP’s dream, and offers such diverse options and a very pro-active support-base from the locals and government officials alike.

Danakil Depression and Erta Ali are calling!


  • Good access
  • Very affordable
  • Manageable Customs experience
  • Manageable Visa and Permit System
  • Diverse location options
  • Negotiable