Botswana Film Visa Botswana Film PermitBotswana film visas and film permits are approved and processed by the Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism. The people are very welcoming, and the country is a hidden gem in terms of filming locations. There is currently an embargo on the issuing of Botswana film visas and film permits because of non-compliance by certain crews. Filmfixers has the network and know-how to address these issues and navigate some of the time-consuming regulatory obstacles. Contact us if you need help to get your Botswana film visas and film permits issued.

We have good established relationships with service providers in Botswana – from transport to accommodation – and have completed several projects very successfully.

Aside from assisting you with your application for Botswana film visas and flm permits, we can help you with general information on Botswana as a location, so give us a call!

Film permits Botswana

Botswana Film Visa

Filming in Botswana requires multiple engagements at Government level. It’s a all very positive, but time-consuming. The acquisition of the actual permit is done through the Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism which requires compliance with a number of conditions, including the use of local crew in certain cases.

We have a very good relationship with them, so we can expedite the process as well as engage and negotiate on the conditions. Costs are dependent on where the shoot is taking place (location), duration as well as size of crew. Generally, shooting in National Parks is more expensive with more pre-conditions.


Film Permit Botswana

Two-way Radio Permits in Botswana

Besides the actual Botswana film permits and visas, there are complex issues around radios, which requires negotiations. The use of two-way radios is strictly controlled due to security concerns – and all two-way radios entering Botswana have to be pre-licensed with the Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority  (BOCRA) by location, who also issue frequencies for use. There are two solutions.

Local Operator – the first – and obvious solution – is to use a local (Botswana) supplier/operator. Unfortunately, because of a Dollar-based economy, and monopoly, the costs are quite prohibitive.

License your own – the two-way radios we supply through our preferred partner are already approved by BOCRA, and we have built up a relationship with BOCRA over the years which makes the acquiring of licenses and frequencies quick and affordable.


Film Permits Botswana

Botswana Drone Permits

The use of drones is also restricted for security reasons – but this is a lot more complex, needing both craft and operator registration (requiring the physical presence of both). Again, we  manage the process and make it as painless as possible – our drone is already pre-approved and registered for operation in Botswana.